When was the last time you just got up and danced?

We offer a range of dance products, which allows anyone to connect with the Charleston. From classes to hen parties, events, performances, videos and private bookings

Our experience will lift your mood, help you get fit and improve co-ordination whilst helping make new friends in your local community.

Unlike any other swing dance group, we are the only dance company along the South Coast which focuses solely on the Charleston. We only teach in the best dance studios and we help everyone who comes through our doors to learn a new skill in a relaxed, enjoyable and entertaining way. 

Weather you attend a class or come to one of our events, each experience is aimed on bringing you happiness. Because we believe dance is a joyful experience which can be shared by all.

About the teachers

MyCharleston, previously known as I Charleston Brighton, is ran by Elena Collins and Fiona Ring who launched the company in January 2014. In just one year the pair taught over 48 weeks worth of lessons, a series of workshops, worked with over 150 students and produced a highly successful viral video. The company has now almost hit it's 4th Birthday!

In 2017, MyCharleston have not only taught classes, workshops and hen parties but also taken part in Sports Relief, Bexhill Roaring 1920s Festival, The Charleston World Record Attempt, Dance Active as well as sell out events in the Brighton Fringe. The team are currently part of the Entreprenuial Sparks programme.

MyCharleston are available to hire for events, performances and hen parities. The group also have their very own spectacular performance troupe, Savoy Kicks and offer video and editing services.

Absolutely amazing lessons. Routine was great to learn and perform. Can’t wait for the next course to start.
— Ali, Beginners Class
Elena Collins, I Charleston Brighton

Elena Collins

Managing Director & Co-Founder


Fiona Ring, I Charleston Brighton

Fiona Ring

Creative Director & Co-Founder


Rachel Hulme, I Charleston brighton

Rachel Hulme

Worthing Dance Instructor


I had an amazing time with MyCharleston over the past 3 years. You guys really put effort in every new course trying to teach us new moves. Fiona and Elena are a good duo with two totally different personalities, style, past, taste and way of approaching dance. Fiona is more instinctive, theatrical, jazzy, less correct, more fluid. and Elena’s more meticulous, academic, straight, ballet-oriented. A PERFECT MATCH!
— Blanche- Improvers student