Sneak Preview: 'Black Bottom' Charleston Course

Each term we make each course as unique as possible with new moves and music to match. This summer, we have taken inspiration from the 1920s dance craze the Black Bottom, the next big dance fad to hit America.

For a glimpse of what’s coming up we’ve been in studio preparing a routine to combine the Black Bottom with the Charleston.

The dance itself consists of a number of moves the most iconic being the one where you slap the floor and then slap both bum cheeks. You would be forgiven for thinking this cheeky bit of choreography is how the dance got it’s name but it was in fact named after a district in Detroit. 

There are many versions of the dance and the tune Black Bottom. For the next course we’ve selected the Spike Jones version. Here are just some clips we have found of this iconic dance over the decades.

Courses kick off from 17th June across the apart from Portsmouth which is one week earlier. To find your nearest group, just click the link below.