Spring Dance Classes in Southampton

Ever wanted to learn the Charleston?

This easy, fun and interesting dance technique is now available on your doorstep as we proudly announce the dates for our spring and summer dance classes in Southampton.

Meet the teacher:

Peter started dancing the Charleston in 2018 when he attended the first MyCharleston teacher training weekend. His passion for Ballet and Ballroom dancing met his passion for Charleston and he’s never looked back.  Now, as a MyCharleston instructor, Peter is excited to share with you all the fun and freedom that he has found through dancing the Charleston. Peter will break down the moves into easy to understand chunks that will have you up and dancing in no time.

For Peter, the focus making sure everyone can dance the Charleston and that everyone is having fun!

Peter’s next course kicks starts on 30th April at Studio 17, in the heart of Southampton, just by the railway station.

Why Charleston?

The Charleston is excellent fun and easy to learn – you will get fit and look like a seasoned professional on the dance floor.

The Charleston has the added benefit of improving both your physical health and mental wellbeing – it is good mood food for the body and brain. Not only will dancing the Charleston improve your overall health, it will also improve your balance, coordination and flexibility. The Charleston will release those ever-important endorphins for that added feel good factor and learning something new will engage your brain and help maintain your memory.  

What a brilliant way to get fit, make new friends and keep the brain challenged. Charleston is so much fun too, especially with such understanding, supportive teachers.
— Pat - MyCharleston Student
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What to Expect

At your MyCharleston lessons, you can expect to have a laugh and learn something that is a break away from your usual routine. We aim to have all our students dancing the basic Charleston by the end of the first lesson so you will have something to impress your friends with the next day.

The Charleston is stylish, accessible and fun – in fact sometimes it can be downright ridiculous! At MyCharleston we encourage our students to embrace the hilarity and get their dancing shoes on.

Each week you will work on building up to a group routine that the class will master over six weeks.

The lessons are divided into two parts: the first half the focus is on learning the steps and technique,  the second half is all about the group routine.

What to Wear

We recommend wearing clothes you can dance in. Ideally gym clothes or loose-fitting clothing. In terms of shoes we highly recommend shoes with a non-stick sole such as Toms, Greek Dance shoes or jazz trainers.

Tip - If you only have trainers, we recommend adding some gaffer tape to help with your swivel.

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When are classes in Southampton?

April 30th – June 14th 7pm – 8pm @ Studio 17, Southampton

June 18th – July 23rd 7pm – 8pm @ Studio 17, Southampton

Where to find us:



The studio is located North of Southampton Station.  When you come out of the station, turn left and walk past Costas and the taxi rank, walking towards the industrial park and the bridge. Head under the bridge into the industrial park. THe studio is on the right in a converted warehouse.

Studio 17, Unit 17 Loveridge Lane, Southampton SO15 1GQ