Dance to the sound and rhythm of 1920’s Hot Jazz at the Ragtime Razzle Dazzle. MyCharleston and their ragtime band will get you dancing everything from the Charleston to the Black Bottom through live music and lessons. With mesmerising performances from our flappers, and competitions throughout the afternoon, this is your chance to dress up and dance!

This years show is inspired by the origins of early jazz in New Orleans with live ragtime music from Sam and the Jazz Cats. Expect walkabouts and impromptu dance classes to draw you to the floor.  There is also the chance to win prizes through a Charleston dance-off or, if you prefer, you can sip a cocktail at the bar and be dazzled by the spectacular performances of the 10 piece all female vintage dance troupe. The Ragtime Razzle Dazzle is above all the opportunity to step back in time, dress up and get down to music you simply must move to.

Photos by Simon George Photography