Partner Charleston Workshops this October

Learn to Charleston like the couples in Strictly in this exciting new workshop aimed at beginners and improvers. You will master the basic footwork of 1920s Charleston then take it to the next level as you learn to dance in pairs.

Whether you’re coming on your own or with a friend we have designed the workshop so you can have learn and dance together. There will be some rotation of partners but for the routine we will keep partners who have come together in their pairs. For those coming alone don’t worry we will pair you up with a fellow student so you can learn along with your new friend.

Once you’ve got the basic under your belt we will add some fun variations, a selection of fancy turns and embellishments to your basic step. We will then put all your moves together in a short routine for you to bust out next time you are on the dance floor. 

Workshops are £30 each or £50 for a pair for partner workshops.


Technique Course

Charleston is designed to be fast and furious, look at any archive footage of a flapper and she looks speed-up! In this course we focus on developing your technique so you can take your Charleston over 220bpm! With games such as the Strictly swivel challenge we will focus on getting you up to speed. You will learn to seamlessly switch between left and right foot Charleston so you can keep going and going! Stylize your Charleston with windmills, flicks, raindrops whilst sticking purely to twenties Charleston footwork. 

Level 2: this workshop ideal for those who want to perfect their style and are confident with the basic Charleston steps or have some dance experience.

What does the workshop include?

In our workshops you will knock your knees, swivel your toes and perfect the ultimate cheeky Charleston face. You will grasp the classic Charleston, its variations and a variety of solo moves including scarecrows, itches and the mess-around. The workshop is divided into three sections where you learn three Charleston styles and within each section learn a short routine.

Partner Charleston

After many requests we are running our first 1920s Charleston Partner workshop!

This is going to be a really fun afternoon where we work on the basics of 1920s partner dancing, along with some fun little variations, a select of fancy turns and look at how to emblish the steps. After mastering the fundamentals we will also be teaching a short routine for you to bust out next time you are on the dance floor. 

This is a non gender based workshop so please feel free to join with a partner, friends or just come along by yourself.

Wow, thank you so much for this, I have already watched the video after the workshop, and feel really proud of myself! Rachel was an amazing teacher, my sister and I both had a great time on Saturday and were really impressed by how much we were taught in such a short time. Hubby asked for a demo when I got home and said “you’re quite good” in a shocked voice, so that’s probably important feedback for you too!
— Jenny
Amazing workshop today. So much fun, so many laughs and now so many aches!!! A great way to spend an afternoon learning new moves, meeting new people and keeping fit. Thank you!
— Tina
I had such fun at the Worthing workshop this morning. Thank you both for such an enjoyable time. My inner Strictly is being released and my chuckle muscles ache from laughing so much
— Lisa

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