Why we launched Baby Charleston

Baby Charleston Brighton

Two months into setting up I Charleston with Elena I was delighted to discover I was pregnant! I danced through the whole pregnancy & many people joked my baby would come out Charleston dancing. 
As a newborn I used to dance to sooth him but now he is one, dancing together is bonding and fun.  So much fun I thought it was time I took the idea of Charleston dancing with your baby to a wider audience, so Elena and I set-up Baby Charleston. 
I must admit I was really nervous about teaching the first taster class, the idea of loads of crying babies while I’m trying to teach a dance was quite intimidating.  However I soon discovered it wasn’t just my baby who shared my love of the Charleston. As the music started and we all got moving we didn’t hear a peak from any of the babies. However the look of some of their sweet faces grinning away as we danced was very distracting but in the best possible way. I’ve now run three sessions and what seemed like a super crazy, only in Brighton idea has proved to be a massive success. So if your not sure what to do next time your babies crying why not try the Charleston?
- Written by Fiona Ring