Learn the vintage moves from the Roaring 20s - we will have you heel flicking and toe tapping in no time!








Charleston dance classes are energetic, stylish and full of humor. Our classes, workshops and events are great social occasions with music to match that will definitely get your feet swiveling! When dancing with us, you will learn 1920’s Charleston through a vocabulary of jazz moves and a series of fun exercises. Each week you will also be perfecting a Charleston dance routine.  All our Charleston dance classes are solo, so no need to bring a partner. 

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Lovely friendly teachers teaching great routines and making them easy to learn. I only started learning to dance in February and My Charleston is one of the best things I have ever done. Having great fun with a whole bunch of new friends.
— Andy, Portsmouth Class

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My Charleston is brilliant. The instructors are friendly and welcoming, and the dance routines are loads of fun.
— Rebecca, Eastbourne Class