Healing by Fiona

When people talk to me about the many benefits of dance they are preaching to the converted; I know its great for fitness, co-ordination, mood, musicality, creativity the list goes on.  But this week the benefits of dance revealed themselves to me in a way I found quite extraordinary.
I had injured my finger, possible broken it as it was very swollen and lost all mobility. I’ve never thought of my fingers having a huge involvement in a dance such as Charleston but I did have to apologise to class that my hand position was a bit of in a particular move. 
Other than that I didn’t give my wounded finger much thought until I left the class and discovered the finger had regained almost full mobility. I could now put gear stick into reverse without having to swap hands. I was genuinely amazed that dance and had moved energy around my body in a way that extended all the way to my finger tips. I know this story isn’t quite a miraculous as raising Lazarus from the dead but I would be intrigued to hear of other similar experiences.

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