Join us at the I Charleston Brighton Speakeasy

I Charleston Brighton Speakeasy

Pull on your spats and tassels and learn to Charleston like it’s 1929. The I Charleston girls will guide you through the A-Z of twenties dance moves with workshops, performances and contests. With a twist of jazz and a dash of electro-swing from The Soultastics and DJ Basschimp, this is a classic speakeasy with a modern twist.

A century since it put the jazziest styles into the jazz age, the Charleston moves are back with a hip twist. In fact with an anything-you-can-twist twist. It’s energetic and energising, with music to match.

This speakeasy will take you back to a time when everyone was doing the Charleston. This zany, energetic dance will soon have your legs swiveling and sliding across the dance floor. Once you’ve mastered the moves in our taster workshops, you can take part in the cheeky Charleston dance-off, with a fab prize for the winner.

Once you are all danced-out grab a cocktail from the bar and be entertained by Brighton’s very own Savoy Kicks. These six feisty flappers are greater than The Great Gatsby, brighter than The Bright Young Things and brimming with fun.

You will also get the chance to crown the Strictly Charleston Champion, as three local businesses, Pretty Eccentric, Simon Carter and Open Space Studios, brave the dance floor competing to win your votes and be chosen as this year’s winner.

So get ready to don your pearls and braces and step back in time into the I Charleston Brighton Speakeasy for an afternoon of pulsating jazz and decadent dance.

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