A space to dance

MyCharleston Dance Class

Your standing at a bus stop, a number of people are waiting, killing time ...      Then someone starts dancing, right there and then in the middle of the day! Do you think they are mad? Are you threatened by their behavior? Jealous even?  

Dance seems like such a simple, gentle, joyous thing but the fact is, in our society, dancing is radical, it's radical behavior to dance! So much so that the social context for dancing is getting drunk at parties, clubs, weddings.  Don't get me wrong I love a drink and a boogie but as I get older there less of these social occasions.    

I'm interested in how we break down these social barriers to dance, how can we create a space where people can dance without fear of ridicule?  

Making a space in your life to dance is hard, I feel that and I’m a dance teacher but sadly I don’t have my own dance studio. I do dance at home, a lot! It’s not always easy dodging the Lego but some of my best spontaneous moments happen at home.  

I love dance and I wish everyone had access to a dance space, I’m sure if we did the world would be a little bit happier.  There is such a joy in moving the body through time and space. So wherever you are, your living room, the office, a bus stop why not just let go and dance?  I know I’m going too …. 

Actually, it took me 3 minutes to clear up the Lego, so I’m going to do it now ….