Being Pitch Perfect

Do you think you could pitch your business in just 60 seconds? Explain the value, the traction and it’s future plans all under a minute? At Enterprenuial Sparks, where we are based, we are challenged weekly to constantly refine and pitch our businesses so if the chance ever did occur that we were trapped in a lift with Ducan Bannatyne we would have him reaching for his cheque book by the time the doors opened.

After months of practice, tweeking, chopping and changing the pitch, the ESparks team challenged me to learn and deliver it on local Radio Station, Radio Reverb.

MyCharleston and Radio Reverb

Always up for a challenge and being the competitive person that I am I took them on it and rewrote it (again), learnt it by talking aloud whilst driving and making my poor fiancé listen to it for the 100th time.

After a few days of practice I took myself down to the studio at Open Market to be on the Brighton Business Show and I felt pretty happy with the result. I even managed to beat the time and say everything in my elevator pitch in just 55 seconds, before the lift doors opened… If only Mr. Bannatyne had been there to hear it.

But seeing as you are,  you can listen to the  pitch and the full interview by following the link and tune in from 24 mins: