Strictly Misbehaving

Picture the scene: you’re at work; you step out from behind your desk, put on some leggings and make your way through the hallowed halls of the Hilton to an empty function room.

Inma and Rowena in rehearsals with Fiona.

Inma and Rowena in rehearsals with Fiona.

There, you’re met by a moonlighting flapper girl in 21st century lycra and a bluetooth speaker to boot. Not your average morning at work.

That flapper girl is me, Rowena from Savoy Kicks, and that stupendous individual in the leggings is Inma - a most excellent employee of the Hilton Brighton Metropole. And that scene really happened a few weeks ago.

We got together for our first Strictly Charleston rehearsal after Inma had volunteered to take part in MyCharleston’s charity ‘Strictly Charleston’ competition at the MyCharleston Speakeasy in Brighton Fringe. On that first day, we spent two hours jumping around an enormous function room, trying out the signature Charleston swivel on the corporate carpets (tricky!), and belly laughing our way through all the basic moves. Phew!

Inma was full of enthusiasm that day, and as I write, after three two-hour rehearsals together, her enthusiasm for Charleston has only grown. She is (or should I say ‘was’!) a total beginner dance-wise, so I’ve been bowled over my how well she’s taken to the Charleston and how quickly she’s picked up the steps.

Rowena and Inma at the Hilton

Rowena and Inma at the Hilton

The routine we’ve been working on is all about your classic cheeky flappers. I chose the song ‘Let’s Misbehave’ from Anything Goes to fit the ‘musicals’ theme for the competition, and decided to spin it from the romantic narrative in the show to a fun girl power narrative, where two flapper friends get together to dance, have fun, and yes, you’ve guessed it, misbehave!

After hours of choreography and rehearsals, we now have a full routine which just needs some ‘drilling and polishing’ (as they say in the biz), before the big day. The excitement is building!

I’m so proud of Inma for jumping far outside her comfort zone, getting stuck in, and challenging herself to learn something new, all for a good cause. She’s a superstar and, regardless of the outcome of the competition, she’s the winner in my eyes.

Keep an eye on the Savoy Kicks and MyCharleston Instagram accounts to get live updates from the rehearsals as we countdown to the Speakeasy - we hope to see you there!