Ever wanted to be part of a dance troupe? Now is your chance!

Audition - 6.30-8pm, 13 July - Open Space Studios, Hove

Want to join MyCharleston’s new performance troupe? We have an exciting opportunity for dancers to join our brand new all female dance troupe. We are looking for confident dancers with a background in any of the following: Charleston, Swing, Lindyhop, Solo Jazz, Modern/Contemporary Jazz, Street and Ballet. Above all as a dancer you must love performing, be enthusiastic, supportive within the team and passionate about dance!

What's our goal?

Our vision is to create a large troupe of dancers to perform ensemble pieces. Our objective is for the new group to compete in Charleston dance contests locally, nationally and eventually internationally! 


As part of the new troupe, you may occasionally be invited to to perform with our existing dance troupe, Savoy Kicks, who perform at a range of events from corporate entertainment, festivals and private parties. These opportunities will depend on availability and the number of dancers needed for each particular booking.

The troupe is led by Elena and Fiona along with our Worthing teacher and dance captain Rachel.

Joining the troupe is a passion project which will be fueled by a desire to perform and be part of a large ensemble piece where you can meet like minded people and make new friends.

We are an amateur dance collective, with professional outlook!

What's involved?

You need to commit to rehearsals and practice routines in your own time. This often involves learning choreography from videos.

To be available for performances (which you will be able to commit to on a project-by-project basis)

To contribute towards troupe costs by paying a monthly membership fee of £20 per month.

We expect you to be dancing outside of your rehearsal time. It is a requirement that you attend at least one class per week (this does not have to be with MyCharleston but should be a related genre of dance).

To be a positive and supportive team member, and actively help make the troupe experience a happy one. We are an inclusive and fun group!

When do we rehearse?

Every Thursday after our intermediate class the troupe rehearses for 30mins from 7-730pm for run throughs of already taught content. This is often used for gig preparation so you may not always need to attend but should be available and we encourage attendance to practice content.

One Thursday in between courses (approx every 7 weeks) we will rehearse between 6-8pm, where we will refine newly learnt content and get competition ready.

We will also run Sunday morning workshops - once a quarter throughout the year. approx 3-4 hours

What do you need?

We will provide costumes when possible. If you have to buy a costume you can sell it back to MyCharleston if you leave the troupe.

Dancers will need some basic items of their own: Katz glitter greek sandals, matt dance tights, beige character shoes. a pair of white, red and black ‘safety shorts’, a skin tone bra and a strapless bra.

What are the perks?

You will get to regularly perform and be part of our of fun dance troupe where you will working as a team with the goal of competing at some of the best events on the Charleston/Solo Jazz scene. You will have the chance to perform at MyCharleston events, local shows and take part in photoshoots. 

Sounds like your kind of thing? Register here!

Audition - 6.30-8pm, 13 July - Open Space Studios, Hove

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