3 things to expect at your first Charleston class

One of our most frequently asked questions is 'What should I expect at my first Charleston class and is dancing for me?' If you are on fence and what to find out more about adult dance classes in Brighton & Hove. Lewes, Worthing and Portsmouth we have asked our teaching team to give you a 30 second overview of what you will learn in a Charleston course and why our students keep coming back.

Meet Fiona

Fiona, our Creative Director, guarantees that not only will you have learnt the basic Charleston step in just one tune but you will get the chance to learn to Charleston dance to great music and lift your mood!

Meet Elena

Elena has been teaching alongside of Fiona for the past four years and her number one tip to what to expect from class is that the Charleston is a fun and easy dance which you will learn really quickly so you will pick up a new dance skill in no time and within 6 weeks have learnt a routine.

Meet Rachel

Rachel is our Worthing Charleston dance teacher (fun fact: also Fiona and Elena's first ever pupil in 2014!) Her top piece of advice that the Charleston is very accessible so you can put your own style into and has is it a really joyful type of dance you will have fun whilst learning.

To join any of our upcoming Charleston dance courses with Fiona, Elena or Rachel check out our classes and workshops page!