What’s on this September

Our brand new Charleston courses are just around the corner and we have put together a brief for both our level one and level two courses so you know what to expect.  

Level one - Everybody loves my baby  

Everybody loves my baby is a simple mid-tempo routine with classic moves such as The Charleston, Black-Bottom and Knocky-Knees. The tune is taken from the TV series Broadwalk Empire. It uses simple chorus-line patterning at the start then breaks into lines for the body of the dance. The routine includes a Charleston variation sequence and a line switch before it repeats. If your class needs more of a challenge there are other variations from the Level 1.5 course you can make use of. 

Level one in Portsmouth - Shimmy like my sister Kate

For those who have not already taken part in Shimmy like my sister Kate, Mel will be teaching this great little routine to our Portsmouth Beginners on Wednesday at 6.30pm and we love this version of the song also from Boardwalk Empire. 

Level two - Tailspin

Tailspin is a fast tempo tune, although it was written in 1934 it has all the traits of a classic twenties Charleston tune. The choreography is fast, dense and twenties inspired riffing on classic moves. The Charleston is the foundation of the choreography with embellishments such as helicopters, kicks, side shuffles and side to side Charlestons. The choreography uses simple, strong patterning to create lines which travel forward and to the side so the dancers weave around one another. There is lots of cross phrasing, repeating segments and some quirky character moves making this a funandfast routine. 

Vintage Musicals - Hot Honey Rag

Get your tommy gun at the ready as we take on Hot Honey Rag, the iconic closing scene of the epic musical Chicago.  

Using props and patterning you will oozing your inner Velma and Roxie by the end of the course learning some fierce footwork that Bob Fosse would be proud of. Music for the course will be inspiredfrom the filmand at the end of the course we will complete the full routine.