This weekend: Charleston Ceilidh with South East Dance

Charleston is a social dance from the 1920’s it’s highly energetic and works perfectly as a Ceilidh.  As a social dance the Charleston uses patterns, rotating partners and wedding arches to create a dance which anyone can join in. We call the moves, set the positions and after a quick walk through you’ll be dancing to music.


We will be running a thirty minute Charleston Ceilidh at Tarner Park on Sat 29 June at 6pm. It is part of a big dance event called ‘Our City Dances’ so there are loads of opportunities to watch and learn throughout the day.

We are particularly excited about the Charleston Ceilidh, although we have been doing what is effectively a Ceilidh for years this is our first official event and we have three great dances ready for you to try. 

If your interested in dance but have never made it to a class then this is a great way to try it out.  We will of course teach you the basic Charleston and then get you into groups and walk you through the first dance. We’ve have cherry picked the best dance moves, so you get to experience the humour and energy which characterises this dance.

We hope to have a core group of people who dance with us regularly so they can support those who are joining for the first time. The Charleston community is known for being friendly and inclusive so do tell your friends and encourage them to come along for what promises to be a great event.

For the full programme Our City Dances click here