Move of the Week: Apple Jacks

Apple Jacks is a dance move which is full of joy, so much so that I would guess this move has gospel routes.

It start with a flick ball change on beat 8, as you do this the chest should open in a celebratory manner. The arms Swoop across the body to make a big circle or sunshine arms as I often say when teaching children.

The footwork is then a series of little steps which lead with the ball of the foot and follows through with the heel pressing down firmly as if crushing grapes (no one ever gets that analogy, I’ve never crushed grapes in my life either but hey it works for me.)  Another way to look at it, is it's as if you really need the toilet, so your crossing your legs in front of one another as if your really holding on. 

The challenging aspect of this move is that your feet should feel grounded whilst the upper body is light and lifted. It’s what I would call a yummy move and when you feel it come together you’ll fell immensely satisfied.

Good luck practicing and don’t fall over!