Move of the Week: The Charleston Kicks

The most misleading thing about a kick in Charleston, is the word kick, so this week we are teaching you the truth behind the Charleston Kicks as our ‘Move of the Week’.

Having taught this move for a long time we have realised that when you say kick people lift from the hip, sending the leg straight up, like a can-can dancer.

This is not how kicks work in Charleston, the key is to think of it as two actions; 

Action 1: Bend the knee 
Action 2: Push the heel away (you don't need to go for a full extension)

The posture needs to be low with hips slung back and knees bent, use your core so your head isn't bobbing up and down like an Irish dancer. Let the arms work with the body to help with counter balance.

When you switch standing legs avoid hopping, try and make the switch clandestine as if you don't want anyone to see or hear.

Most of all this is an energetic move so feel the joy without throwing all your energy away.