Move of the week: Learn Knocky Knees

The knocky knees move is a staple to any Charleston routine and instantly recognisable as a classic 1920s step but can often confuse dancers when trying to move their hands and knees to create the illusion.

As a breakdown you need put your feet hip width apart and in a parallel position with both feet facing forwards. Once in the correct position, bend your knees and think about bringing your knees together and away from the centre of your body.

At the same time start with our hands on your bent knees and cross them when your knees touch in the centre so they are now resting on the opposite knee. You then reverse the motion by bringing your knees together and uncrossing them by putting them back into their original position.

When you feel confident with the step, try a variation by keeping both hands on one knee and swapping both hands onto the other knee each time your legs touch in the centre.

Once you are happy with both moves trying swapping between the two variations.

Remember the lower and more bent your knees are, the more effective the move will look.