Charleston Move of the week: Learn the Messaround

This move is an absolute favourite with us. It was made famous by the Ray Charles song The Mess Around, it's a completely joyful and easy dance move to learn.

You start by rotating the pelvis in a full circle, then add a little bounce of the heels which you can do half or double time.

Hands can be on the hips or our favourite is you place one hand on the belly, the other arm does a jazz hand as you bounce around.

We like to make the analogy that your jazz hand is waving goodbye to you bum! Our other favourite is that your like a jolly Father Christmas with his hands on his belly going ‘ho, ho, ho!’ This sounds the laugh and characterisation really gets you into this move.

This move is very useful when your busting your moves on the social dance floor. It's a great way to catch your breath and take a moment. So if in doubt mess about!