Learn Truckin': Charleston Move of the Week

Truckin is a move which dates back to the time when many of the waiters at The Savoy, in Harlem, were dancers hoping to get talent spotted. They would do this move while holding a tray which they would spin on one finger.

This move reminds us a lot of the Hornpipe dance as the footwork and posture is strikingly similar. It involves 3 little hops or shunts on the same leg, then you wait on beat 4 before repeating the move on the other leg and with a slight change of direction. We used to call this move 'Naughty Sailor' because as you travel your raise one finger and wag it as if telling someone of. That explains the naughty bit, the sailor was because it reminds us of the hornpipe! This a high energy travel move full of character, so find a space and get Truckin'