Charleston Workshop - Strictly Style!

Strictly Fans are going to love our next Charleston workshop, on 28th Sept, which has been inspired by the iconic Sophie Ellies Bexter & Brendon Cole routine ‘Rock it for Me’. Charleston is a favourite among the viewers and this routine has all the hallmarks of a classic routine.

The dance is a duet rather than a partner piece but don’t worry about bringing a partner to the workshops. Twenties Charleston is a solo dance and you will soon be heel flicking and toe tapping like a flapper.

Strictly fans are always telling me how much they would love the opportunity to dance like the stars on the show.  Whether you’ve been dancing Charleston for a while or trying it for the first time this workshop has plenty to offer. We will take you through the basic Charleston step, build up your vocabulary of moves and then teach you the routine. 

The original routine by Sophie Ellis Bexter has many iconic Twenties moves: Flapper Walks, Heel Flicks and Truckin’. There is even the good old Box Step in there which gives you a chance to catch your breath! It is fast moving but the steps are easy to learn and they really capture the classic flapper girl style.  

The workshop takes inspiration from the Bexter routine but we have created our own MyCharleston version of the dance. We will keep the classic Twenties Flapper style but we will not be tackling aerials or lifts in this workshop. Not that we couldn’t!

As big Strictly fans, especially the Charleston dance routines, we have looked at a number of other routines for inspirations. Our top favourites are ‘Bad Guys’, ‘Puttin on the Ritz’ and ‘Five Foot Two’. With so many routines to inspire us, we have picked our favourite moves, dance exercises and choreographic devices to create an afternoon of fun filled dance.

 The tune the routine is set too is called ‘Rock it for Me’ by Palace Caravan. 

It’s an electro-swing tune which feels upbeat but the tempo is actually perfect for Charleston. If you're a big fan of Palace Caravan then check them out at the De La War when they come to Bexhill in Jan 2020.

Join the Charleston workshop on 28th September 2:30-5:30pm