Everything you need to know - Great Gatsby’s Silent Disco

I went to my first Silent Disco 3 years ago, I was a bit skeptical and really couldn’t see what wearing headphones would add to the party experience. I was pleasantly surprised, the having music played to you directly through headphones was amazing.

The first thing I noticed was it was much easier loose my inhibitions, it was like dancing round my own living room. At the same time seeing other people getting down to the same tune gave me a direct connection with them on the dancefloor. The final bonus was when a tune didn’t rock my world, I could switch channels until I found something which did move me to dance.

Silent Disco in the street

Silent Disco in the street

Last year Elena and I went on a walkabout silent disco through the streets of Brighton, everyone sang their hearts out as they danced around town much to the entertainment of onlookers.

It was after this experience Elena and I started to think about running our own vintage event. The beauty of this is that we are not stuck in one decade of music and as much as we adore 1920’s jazz it’s hard to find quality recordings and dancing the Charleston for 3 hours would be truly exhausting!

The opportunity of having 3 channels meant we could have one offering music pics from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Another channel with a mix of electro-swing and modern jazz fusion. Finally we decided the third channel would be music which of black origin, early jazz has been the foundation for many styles of music such as funk, soul and hip-hop. This meant we could offer something modern without deviating entirely from the theme.

Great Gatsby’s Silent Disco is happening at the One Church, a venue we love and where they often run Ceilidhs. It is a great space for a dance event as it has loads of room to dance and yet the lighting is ambient and atmospheric. It will definitely be a dress-up and dance event and we are hoping people will customize their headsets to add to the glam.

We have some strolls and short dance sequences that people can easily pick-up so the plan is for flashmob style dances to emerge on the dancefloor encouraging people to join the channel for that tune. So get your dance shoes ready and join us for the first ever vintage silent disco.